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Dear friends,dkt

Please allow us to introduce Ladies Chamber Trio from Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.

The Ladies Chamber Trio (DKT) appeared on the music scene of Banská Bystrica in the Autumn of 1993 with its members Alena Vigašová -violoncello, Anna Izakovičová – flute and Monika Zemková – piano. At the beginning we played baroque music, but gradually our repertoire was enriched by the musical works of other musical periods. Nowadays we are playing classic and romantic themes of famous compositors, musical melodies and also popular swing and rock melodies.

Although the Ladies Chamber Trio is rather young musical group, our concert activities are very rich. The Trio participates in concerts regularly throughout Slovakia and takes part in important cultural and social events (banquets, receptions, balls, private musical parties, jubilees).

The Trio performs their musical talent in exclusive and also historical premises of museums, galleries and churches.

The Trio represented Slovakia not only in the neighbouring countries, but also overseas. After touring Mexico the group was granted an invitation for the development of Slovakian culture in Mexico and received a new invitation to perform again. In the year 1999 the Ladies Chamber Trio recorded they first CD, which features popular melodies such as Smile, Somewhere, Tonight, Winter Wonderland, New York, More, Michelle, Yesterday, Don’t cry for me Argentina and so on.
The Ladies Chamber Trio is regularly performing on radio and television.

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