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 Meeting friends is always pleasant.
 Even more if this meeting is accompanied with a pleasant music,
this makes certainly convivial atmosphere.

Ladies chamber trio 

 offers meeting with a music for all occasion.

Did you win a prestigeous prize ? 

 We can offer Mozart or if you wish,
Brahms might sound better.

 Are you organizing a small social gathering ? 

 Please – let us enchant you with the music
of Franz Lehár or Emmerich Kálmán.

Are you celebrating a special anniversary ? 

One moment ... Bernstein,
 Sir Loyd-Webber or rather Beatles will fit this occasion ?

 ... at this moment are you staying abroad ?

If you are  you are not mistaken, you are listening to the music ofthe Ladies trio.

We are convinced, that our music and our smile will impress you.
Please, contact us on the following address and phone number:

 Ladies' Chamber Trio

MgA. Alena Vigašová
Bagarova 29
974 04 Banská Bystrica

tel.: +421 48 4138746
+421 905 481417

 E-mail : info@ladieschambertrio.com

  Meeting with a music is the most pleasant meeting.

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